Zana Bass-June 2017 Fathers Day Card Edited

Zana Bass-June 2017 Fathers Day Card Edited 2 Web



Zana Bass_May 2015_Mothers Day Card Amal WebThis Mother’s Day card was for my sister who has 3 daughters. The baby birds are in her daughters’ favorite colors. They knew exactly which bird represented them when they saw the card!

I used a similar style and the same materials as I used for my mom’s card and my other sister’s card.

New Drawing

I know I haven’t posted for a while, but I’m hoping to rectify that in coming weeks. It’s been busy starting a new job (middle/ high school Latin teacher), but I’m getting used to the new schedule. The hardest part is getting up early every morning since I really am a night person- the night is when I’m most creative and when I complete the majority of my drawings.

This drawing was originally on a card, like so many of my other drawings (see here and here)- hope you like it!!