Snow Day Elephant

Zana Bass_Jan 2016_Elephant Webelephant


A Family of Elephants

Family of Elephants_Zana

My nieces were so excited when they saw my elephant drawing last Friday that they immediately wanted to make their own! Drawing with my nieces is one of my all time favorite activities. It’s so interesting to see how their drawing skills progress as they get older and how creative they are.

After they completed their drawings, we watched videos of the Perahera parade, and then they made their own parade including elephant rides and pretending that their ponytails were trunks.

Maram, age 7

Maram, age 7

Samira, Age 7

Samira, Age 7

Zayla, Age 3

Zayla, Age 3

Aren’t they amazing little artists?


Zana Bass_Feb 2015_Elephant Web

This elephant is inspired by the Sri Lankan Perahera Festival honoring the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha.

Here’s a picture of an elephant getting dressed (for a different festival) which I took in Sri Lanka in 2012:

and me with an elephant:
Zana Bass_Elephant

and here are some traditional Kandyan dancers, who perform as part of the Perahera festival: